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Album Review: Kizz Daniel’s ‘Maverick’ Is a Musical Masterclass

You’ve been waiting for new music from one of Nigeria’s most talented artists, and Kizz Daniel does not disappoint. His third studio album Maverick is a masterclass in Afropop fusion. From the opening notes of the energetic “Pour Me Water” to the soulful closer “Chana,” Daniel showcases his vocal prowess and knack for crafting hooks that lodge in your brain.

The 14-track album sees Daniel experimenting with different sounds, from the reggaeton-infused “Tempted to Steal” to the afro-R&B jam “Flex.” Yet his signature romantic ballads like “True Love” and the Harrysong-assisted “Eko” prove he still wears his heart on his sleeve. Whether singing in Yoruba, Pidgin or English, Daniel’s smooth vocals shine through.

Maverick represents an artist evolving into new creative territory while staying true to the musical gifts that shot him to stardom. It’s a confident record hinting at Daniel’s limitless potential. One listen and you’ll be hitting repeat, eager to see how this musical shapeshifter might reinvent himself yet again. But for now, just press play and get lost in the melodies. This is Daniel unleashed, and it’s a beautiful thing.

About Kizz Daniel and His Musical Journey

Kizz Daniel burst onto the music scene in 2014 and has since established himself as one of the leading artists in the afrobeats genre. His debut single “Woju” introduced his catchy sound and charismatic stage presence to fans across Nigeria and beyond.

  • Born Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, Kizz Daniel grew up singing in the choir of his local church. He attended the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, earning a degree in Water Resources Management and Agrometeorology, all while chasing his musical dreams on the side.
  • His hard work paid off in 2016 when he was crowned the Next Rated artist at The Headies, Nigeria’s most prestigious music awards. His first studio album “New Era” was a massive success, cementing his status as an afro-pop superstar and earning him more accolades, including a nomination for Best R&B/Pop Album at the 2017 Headies.
  • On “Maverick,” his second studio album, Kizz Daniel continues to showcase his signature sound – a fusion of afrobeat, pop, R&B; and dancehall with lyrics centered around love, relationships and living life on his own terms. Collaborations with Diplo, Demi Grace, and Philkeyz add extra flavor to this diverse 16-track offering.
  • Through all his success, Kizz Daniel has maintained a reputation as one of the nicest guys in the business. His charisma, showmanship, and knack for making music that resonates across cultures prove why he’s built such a devoted following. With “Maverick,” Kizz Daniel confirms his place as a leader of the new school in Nigerian pop music. His future remains as bright as his contagious smile.

Track by Track Review of ‘Maverick’

Kizz Daniel’s 15-track album ‘Maverick’ is filled with Afrobeats jams that showcase his impressive vocal range and lyrical skills. This musical masterclass has something for every mood.

Furthermore, this captivating extended playlist “Maverick (Album),” contains sixteen (16) solid tracks that will get you hooked in no time.

Kizz Daniel – Maverick (Album) Tracklist:

1. Kizz Daniel – Flex

2. Kizz Daniel – My G

3. Kizz Daniel – Pour

4. Kizz Daniel – Never

5. Kizz Daniel – E’Better

6. Kizz Daniel – Anchovy

7. Kizz Daniel – Shu-Peru

8. Kizz Daniel – Cough (Odo)

9. Kizz Daniel – Red & Green

10. Kizz Daniel – Buga Ft. Tekno

11. Kizz Daniel – Blood Is Thicker

12. Kizz Daniel – Rich Till I Die (RTID)

13. Kizz Daniel – Easy To Love Ft. Chike

14. Kizz Daniel – Show You Off Ft. Pryme

15. Kizz Daniel – One Dollar Ft. Blaqbonez

16. Kizz Daniel – Feran Mi Ft. Johnny Drille

17. Kizz Daniel – Cough (Remix) Ft. Becky G

18. Kizz Daniel – Feran You Two Ft. Jalil & Jelani

19. Kizz Daniel – Side Chick Ft. DJ Big N, Yemi Alade & Young Jonn

20. Kizz Daniel – Complicated Ft. Jahmiel, Nomcebo Zikode & Not3s

Addictive Afrobeats Anthems

Tracks like “Buga” featuring Tekno, “Pour Me Water” and “Eh God (Barnabas)” are irresistibly catchy Afrobeats anthems with pulsating beats that will have you dancing in no time. Kizz Daniel’s smooth vocals glide over these upbeat tracks, making them instantly replay-worthy.

Heartfelt Slow Jams

If you prefer slower tempo tunes, “Cough” and “Oshe” featuring DJ Xclusive are poignant, emotive tracks dealing with relationships and heartbreak. Kizz Daniel’s soul-stirring voice and poetic lyrics shine through on these stripped-down songs.

Impressive Vocals on Display

Kizz Daniel showcases his impressive vocal range throughout ‘Maverick’. From the silky high notes on “Eh God (Barnabas)” to the gravelly low notes on “Oshe”, his versatile voice and masterful runs are on full display. Vocally, Kizz Daniel is in a league of his own.

With its blend of Afrobeats bangers, sensual slow jams and vocal showcases, ‘Maverick’ has something for all Kizz Daniel fans and new listeners alike. This genre-bending album reinforces why Kizz Daniel is truly a musical maverick and one of Africa’s most gifted artists.

Standout Songs and Lyrics

Kizz Daniel’s ‘Maverick’ has no shortage of hits, but a few songs stand out for their memorable lyrics and melodies.

“Pour Me Water”

This upbeat track will have you singing along to the chorus on first listen. With lyrics like “Baby pour me water, you know I’m thirsty for your love,” it’s an ode to finding that special someone who quenches your thirst for affection and intimacy. The beats and instrumentation are fused with a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head.


“Flex” is an anthem of self-confidence and following your dreams against all odds. Kizz Daniel croons “I be hustling oh, they think I’m flexing” as a reminder to ignore the doubters and keep working hard to achieve your goals. The triumphant tone of the lyrics is matched by a pulsing beat with hints of highlife and afro-fusion. This blend of genres is a hallmark of the album and allows Kizz Daniel to showcase the range of his talent.


The sultry lyrics and slow jam vibes of “Bedroom” make it a standout love song. Kizz Daniel’s silky vocals set the mood as he sings of romantic intimacy with lines like “Girl I wanna love you, baby we can take it slowly.” The mellow beats and melodies pair perfectly with the sensual tone, creating an R&B-infused ode to love and passion behind closed doors.

From party anthems to soul-stirring ballads, ‘Maverick’ has something for every mood and music taste. Kizz Daniel proves once again why he’s at the forefront of modern Afropop and one of Nigeria’s most versatile artists. His masterful fusion of highlife, R&B, and afro-fusion results in a memorable album with widespread appeal.

Overall Impressions – A Cohesive and Impressive Body of Work

Overall, Kizz Daniel’s ‘Maverick’ album is a cohesive and impressive body of work that showcases his vocal range, lyrical prowess and ability to blend genres.

A Display of Versatility

From love ballads like ‘Pour Me Water’ to the afro-fusion ‘Eh God’ and ‘Oshe’ with DJ Coublon, Kizz Daniel proves he can do it all. His velvety vocals shine through on every track. You’ll find yourself singing along to the catchy choruses and hooks. The production quality is top-notch, with elements of highlife, R&B, reggae, and fuji woven together seamlessly.

Poignant Lyrics

Kizz Daniel’s songwriting has evolved with a depth of emotional maturity and life experiences. On ‘Pour Me Water’ he sings “love na something way I never understand, na why e de make a man do sacrifice.” The track ‘Eh God’ acknowledges life struggles, with lyrics like “some people wicked sha, them go do you strong thing.” But there are also messages of hope, faith and perseverance.

Collaborations That Complement

Featured artists were carefully selected to complement Kizz Daniel’s style rather than overpower it. ‘Oshe’ with DJ Coublon is an upbeat fusion of afro-beats and fuji music. The Pheelz-produced ‘Currently’ featuring Olamide, Falz and LK Kuddy is a fun, melodic track with a contagious energy. Kizz Daniel’s vocals blend seamlessly with each collaborator.

‘Maverick’ is an impressive follow-up to Kizz Daniel’s previous albums ‘New Era’ and ‘King of Love’. His musical growth and depth as an artist shine through in this 15-track masterpiece. Kizz Daniel continues to push the envelope of contemporary Nigerian music with a signature sound and style all his own. Overall, ‘Maverick’ is an album you’ll have on repeat.

How ‘Maverick’ Stacks Up Against Kizz Daniel’s Previous Albums

Kizz Daniel’s fourth studio album ‘Maverick’ builds on the success of his previous records but shows significant growth and experimentation. Compared to his debut ‘New Era’ from 2016, ‘Maverick’ displays a more confident and versatile artist.

A Broader Range

Where ‘New Era’ stuck closely to the afropop and reggae-infused sounds Daniel is known for, ‘Maverick’ branches out into R&B, hip hop, and dancehall. Songs like ‘Pour Me Water’ and ‘Flex’ wouldn’t sound out of place in a nightclub, while ‘Baddest’ has a distinctly island vibe. This experimentation results in a dynamic set of tracks that show Daniel’s ability to adapt his style.

Polished Production

‘Maverick’ also benefits from higher production values that give it a slick, modern feel compared to the simpler arrangements on ‘New Era’. Synthesizers, electronic beats, and layered vocals create an atmosphere suited to its experimental nature. At the same time, live instrumentation and Daniel’s soulful voice provide continuity with his earlier work.

Lyrical Maturity

Where ‘New Era’ focused on heartbreak and relationships, the lyrics on ‘Maverick’ deal with more mature themes of life, spirituality, and self-reflection. On ‘Flex’, Daniel sings about persevering in the face of doubters and setbacks. The motivational ‘Pour Me Water’ encourages listeners to work hard to achieve their dreams. This lyrical growth demonstrates how Daniel has evolved as an artist over the past five years.

Overall, ‘Maverick’ is a bold step forward for Kizz Daniel that significantly expands his musical style and lyrical substance. By embracing experimentation and personal growth, Daniel has crafted an album that surpasses expectations and sets the stage for an exciting new chapter of his career. Compared to where he started with ‘New Era’, ‘Maverick’ proves Daniel is an artist in full control of his talents.


So there you have it, Kizz Daniel has truly outdone himself with this album. Maverick is a musical masterclass in Afropop fusion. With his silky vocals, catchy hooks, and knack for crafting songs that get stuck in your head, Daniel proves why he’s at the top of the Nigerian music scene. The variety of sounds and collaborations on this project show how much range and talent the artist has. Whether you’re looking for a song to dance to, serenade someone special, or just lift your mood, there’s something for everyone on Maverick. Do yourself a favor and give this album a listen—your ears will thank you, and you’ll be hitting repeat in no time. Kizz Daniel is an artist to watch, and with Maverick, his star will only shine brighter.

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