Bieber waving the checkered flag at Las Vegas F1 GP

Justin Bieber waving the checkered flag at Las Vegas F1 GP.

The Canadian pop star did not fail in proving his success in the musical world. The $300 Million singer performed live at the Saudi Arabian GP in 2021 alongside other famous singers like Jason Derulo, A$AP ROCKY, and others. Even Saudi Arabia is infamous for hosting multiple celebrities for speaking on political issues around the Saudi Arabian country.
The Las Vegas GP nears its culmination. Max Verstappen takes the race lead and wins the Grand Prix, followed by Charles Leclerc and his teammate Sergio Perez in the third. Justin Bieber, the infamous pop star from Canada, waved the chequered flag.
The inaugural Las Vegas GP has created some amazing racing action and racing incidents. The race featured multiple safety cars and several yellow flags, making it action-packed. However, Verstappen emerged victorious in the end and overcame multiple challenges.
“Viva Las Vegas! Viva Las Vegas!” sang the three-time reigning world champion as he crossed under the checkered flag waved by Justin Bieber. Verstappen had slammed the race at every chance, yet raced in an Elvis-inspired fire-suit and took the victory on the famed Las Vegas Strip.
“I hope everyone enjoyed it, we definitely did. Excited to come back here next year and try to do something similar,” said Verstappen, who had markedly reversed his position on the Las Vegas spectacle.
The Bellagio fountains had been turned off all week and restarted as part of the victory celebration. None of the participants seemed remotely interested as they stood chatting on the podium awaiting their trophies just before a New Year’s Eve-style fireworks show over the Strip.
The race was the the third stop this season in the United States, more than any other country, and was promoted by F1 and owner Liberty Media. But the event has been lambasted — especially by Verstappen — for its opulence and excess…
Bieber committed to promoting human rights at the Saudi Arabian GP alongside the artists. The Canadian also met with the then-dominating driver, Lewis Hamilton, and chatted with the Briton. Fans indicated rumors of an unreleased song between the Briton and the Canadian, allegedly gatekept by Lewis Hamilton.
The 29-year-old beautifully waved the chequered flag, sealing another victory for Max Verstappen. Overall, the Las Vegas GP turned out to be an amazing event for the fans around the world, and the Nevadan circuit put up a standard for all the other countries who host the race for the first time in their country.

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