NAIJAHUT UNIMED Fresh Students’ Registration Procedure 2023/2024


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UNIMED Fresh Students Registration Procedure

The University of Medical Science in Ondo State (UNIMED) extends a warm welcome to all newly admitted students, encompassing UTME and Direct Entry candidates, for the 2023/2024 academic session. The administrative body of the institution has meticulously outlined the registration procedure intended to guide fresh students through their initial academic processes.

UNIMED Fresh Students’ Registration Process

New entrants to UNIMED are advised to adhere to the subsequent registration steps to ensure a seamless commencement of their academic journey:

  1. Check Admission Status: Fresh students should initially visit the UNIMED POST-UTME Portal to confirm their admission status and accord acceptance if admission is offered.
  2. Print JAMB Admission Letter: Following the acceptance, it is imperative to visit the JAMB Website to validate admission status and print the Admission Letter if available.
  3. Payment of Acceptance Fee: Navigate to the University Portal and opt for ‘Make Payment’ to settle the Acceptance Fee through the online payment system, utilizing VISA, Verve, or MASTER Card. Adhere to the subsequent instructions meticulously. Upon successful transaction, generate the e-Payment Receipt online.
  4. Account Creation & Form Filling: Create a student account by clicking ‘Account Creation’ on the portal and subsequently log in to complete all required forms. Once filled, download and print the completed forms in four copies.
  5. Screening at Academic Affairs Office: Commencing 9th October 2023, present four copies of the printed forms along with the original credentials, including JAMB Admission Letter, ‘O’ Level/’A’ Level/B.Sc Result, Local Government Attestation Letter, Birth Certificate, Letter of good conduct from a reputable person in society, four passport-sized photographs, and Acceptance Fee payment receipts to the Academic Affairs Office for screening.
  6. Medical Registration at Health Centre: Upon successful clearance, complete the medical registration at the University Health Centre.
  7. Payment of School and Accommodation Fees: Subsequently, proceed with the payment for School Fees and Accommodation Fees, should you require hostel space.
  8. Course Registration: Log in to your account and meticulously fill the Course Registration Form. Download and print the completed form in four copies.
  9. Endorsement of Registration Form: Submit the Course Registration Form to your Departmental Course Coordinator, Head of the Department, and the Dean of your Faculty for their respective endorsements.
  10. Submission of Completed Forms: Lastly, submit your endorsed course registration forms to your Faculty Officer.

Commencing Your Journey at UNIMED

The University earnestly anticipates the arrival of aspiring medical professionals and wishes them an enlightening and prosperous journey ahead. By meticulously adhering to the outlined registration procedure, fresh students can ensure a smooth transition into their academic pursuits at the University of Medical Science, Ondo State.

Concluding Remarks: The Path to Medical Excellence

As the fresh minds embark on their academic journey at UNIMED, it is crucial to adhere to the laid-down procedures to ensure a seamless integration into the world of medical sciences. The structured process aims to facilitate a coherent transition, allowing the students to focus on their pursuit of excellence in the medical field. The University of Medical Science, Ondo State, is elated to foster the next generation of medical practitioners and researchers, contributing to the advancements in medical science and healthcare.

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