Notice de@th of mohbad without autopsy

I noticed something about Mohbad’s de@th.

Mohbad was a signee to the Marlians record label.
Suddenly, he d!ed mysteriously. No autopsy, no proper funeral, no honors, buried like a d#g

After his demise, the whole thing was then attributed to drgs. Haba!!

Are we kids to be bought with such cheap stories?? If the young man was into drgs, he did not started today to have overdosed himself.

Now, the circumstances surrounding his demise by a source was attributed to the M@rlian house. That; “he was beaten”,

However it is, I don’t know but I have my opinion which is;

Naira Marley wanted to prove a point which he did. I’m not saying he’s responsible to Mohbad’s de@th, no! But he could have done better.

Mohbad could have had a more befitting burial, sponsored at least by his ex-boss even if they did not part in good terms.

Yeah, he build Mohbad and brought him to limelight, but the guy wanted to explore more and it’s not wrong to do so.

In a nutshell, whatever point Naira Marley wanted to prove have been well communicated and that is why a lot of netizens are dragging him.

#onlylovebuild #letlovelead #highlights

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