PHOTO: Democrats laugh to boycott of Target selling black santas in wheelchair for Christmas 2023

Democrats laugh to boycott of Target selling black santa in wheelchair.

According to information, Republicans X accounts are currently reacting to the viral picture of Santas sitting in wheelchairs on shelves at Target mall.
Republicans accounts, such as Libsoftiktok, End Wokeness and Tim Pool have reacted. According to information, the Santa is selling for $2-$5.
In the Harlem neighborhood of New York City, Target’s first store to open in Manhattan has permanently shut its doors. The retailer has closed eight other city stores around the country.
Target’s closures, which the company blamed on theft and violence at a time when sales have stagnated, marked the latest in a series of public setbacks for the big-box retailer— a jarring turnabout for a company seen as a major Covid pandemic winner.
Yet as Target tries to pull itself out of a recent rut, Chief Operating Officer John Mulligan said the company sees “lots more opportunity to grow in New York,” including city neighborhoods. He pointed to closures and openings in Target’s hometown of Minneapolis-St. Paul and in Chicago as evidence that shuttering stores does not mean the company has run out of room to grow.
“If you go back through time, this is something we’ve done over and over again,” he said. “And when we close a store in a market, it doesn’t mean we stop investing in that market.”
Democrats reactions below:
Minnie: They’re mad that Target has the audacity to make multiple representations of an IMAGINARY person.
People: If MAGA boycotts Target it just means all us single libs need to shop there to hook up can I get an amen?

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