Shehu Sani Kicks Against Commercialising Tertiary Education

Former Senator Shehu Sani took to his verified social media account to voice his opposition to the increasing fees in public universities across Nigeria.

He strongly criticized what he referred to as the ‘commercialization’ of university education, deeming it unsuitable for a developing nation like Nigeria.

Shehu Sani expressed concern that this move might jeopardize the future of young students and the country itself.

He emphasized that this rise in tuition fees could potentially force children from less privileged backgrounds out of school.

Appealing to the generation that benefited from free education, Sani urged them to ensure the same privilege for the younger generation.

In his words;

“As a developing country, commercialising public university education is a dangerous experiment with the future of our young ones and that of the country. ”

“We are at the verge of pushing the children of the poor out of school. The generation that ‘got’ free education should ‘give’ free education.”

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