They slept for 24 hours” – Lil kesh shares what happened to his mum and her dog after they ate some of the cake in his fridge

Nigerian singer and rapper Keshinro Ololade professionally known as Lil Kesh has shared what happened to his mum and her dog after they ate a piece of the cake.

Sharing the story on the microblogging platform X the rapper mentioned that his mum and her pet slept for hours.

Recounting the incident, which the singer found hilarious, he tweeted that his mum had taken the snack from his fridge.

The former YBNL artist wrote, “I remember the day my mom ate some cake from my fridge, she and her dog slept for 24hours.”

Reacting to the post, his fans and followers wondered why his mum and her pet slept off for a long period of time after having a piece of the cake.

In their opinion it is not normal, except the cake was laced with something that caused them to sleep throughout the whole day.

Below are some of the comments,

@Deribb: Mothers too like to dey chop wetin you no give them, them no dey fit look away

@MichaelKitan:  Ahh, kesh omo pasito ti lo fun mummy GO ni brownies je.

@sheffy102:  Una be Badt guys now thank God she no pass out that night

@Tomafits:  Mummy will not even drink water from your fridge again.

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