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It was raining hard that night. In my hurry to get into the house, I didn’t notice the black car parked across the road. I realized something was wrong when I could see someone hovering around the car. I wasn’t sure if it was safe to go to the car to investigate but my instincts dragged me from the gate of my building to across the road and next to the car. What happened in that half an hour is what I call my most unforgettable memory. I could see a man pacing up and down, drenched and injured. At first, when I saw him, he looked inebriated as he was losing his balance now and then. But as I went near him, I was sure it was the injury and not any substance that was causing him to tip.

Excuse me, Sir! Can I help you? I asked him. He seemed to be in a state of shock. I tried calling out to him but he continued going round and round his car. I was not comfortable reaching out to him physically and I thought he might attack me in his condition. But there was no one I could call as my phone had switched off after getting wet in the rain. Also, if I went home, which was just across the street, my over-protective mother would panic and wouldn’t let me help him.

So there I was, feeling helpless and angry because I decided to help someone without knowing what to do. I remember standing in the rain for quite some time, staring at the man hovering around his car, feeling worthless. Then in a flash of a moment, I found myself walking towards him and reaching out to his shoulder. I must have been really stupid to do that! Sir! I shouted as I grabbed his shoulder, Can you tell me your name? Do you live around here? The man seemed to have lost his ability to hear or see or feel as he continued to walk around his car, only that now he was crying and shivering .because of the rain. I grabbed both his shoulders and tried to talk again. I will help you! Tell me what I you want! Is this your car? I repeatedly asked him the above questions for at least five minutes before he finally looked at me and broke down. At that point, to be honest, I was scared to death, because he wouldn’t stop screaming and trembling. After a while, he began to come back to his senses and began to calm down.

Finally, when he stopped crying, he looked at me and told me that he was a second-year DU student who was out for a school reunion party at one of the schoolmate’s farmhouses on the outskirts of the city. He had happily agreed to go to the party because obviously, we are always excited to meet our school buddies and relive the happy school memories.

When he entered the farmhouse, he told me that everything was fine for a couple of hours. He then said that they began playing a game which turned into an unpleasant episode of bullying him. He was majorly bullied by a school group when in school and at the party too, the group started bullying him. When he retaliated, they faked an apology and offered him a drink.

I was foolish to assume that they were truly sorry and that they had grown up, he told me, now smiling as if recollecting what happened at the party. He told me that he doesn’t remember what happened after he took that drink. He only remembers me screaming at him.

When I regained consciousness, my head hurt and I was lying on the street, drenched, outside my car. I don’t even know what part of the city I am in. They must have put me in the car and brought me here. And they must have thrown me out of my car and thrown away the keys after locking it so that I cant go home.

The man, whose name was Kabir, thanked me for being there. He asked me which place he had been abandoned, and asked the way to the nearest police station. I took him with me and told our complex watchman to guard his car for the night. My mother calmed down as she heard the whole story and nursed his wounds. Kabir slept at my place that night.

The next morning, mom and I accompanied him to the police station and lodged an FIR. Kabir said he wanted to get a blood test done as he thought he had been made to take drugs through the drink. He was right. He gave the details of the farmhouse and his friends. The police sealed the farmhouse and arrested the friends.

Kabir and I became good friends forever after the incident. Then I realized that it was too late for me to cry.


The writer considered the mobile telephone as a tool for communication

(i) It could only be accessed when one was around
(ii) Only a limited number of people possessed it now

The handset became an object of heavy investment because of the several applications that can be installed on it.

The writer criticized the youths because most youths take pride in acquiring each mobile telephone’s latest version.

According to the passage, the youths are being motivated to purchase the latest handset because of the desire to install each latest software program.

(i) Adverbial clause
(ii) It modifies the verb phrase “have purchased”

(i) Metaphor
(ii) It means as he works on his farm with his farm tool

(i) Immediate
(ii) A dependable
(iii) Almost
(iv) Purchasing
(v) Trend
(vi) Developed


(i) Successful people spend most of their time and efforts working which helps them to achieve their goals
(ii) Successful people get up early to accomplish more assignments for the day
(iii) Successful people devote themselves to education to learn from the success of others
(iv) Successful people take calculated risks to set new world records and improve lives
(v) Successful people plan adequately ahead to maximize profit
(vi) Successful people associate with those who inspire them to learn from them.


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