Why I must dress like a ‘whole meal’ at night – Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels, a Nollywood actress, has created a stir online by explaining why she must dress like an entire dinner before going to bed.

In a video, the married mother of two flaunted herself in hot and short nightgown as she prepared to go to bed.

The video showed her dancing in the beautiful outfit while displaying her body form and legs.

She says she dresses like that before going to her matrimonial bed because she enjoys it and it makes her happy.

However, social media fans have noticed a difference in her body shape and have expressed their displeasure in the comments area.

Nellyvee_official reacted: “Please recommend your doctor to Nonsmiraj let’s see if any further corrections can be done. Or is it too late?

Saslynvictor said: “Even when u try to show that little piece of baddie, ur high level of decency always overpowering.”

Cardiblogger1 said: “Nawaooo the shape of you now ehn.”

Too_high_up commented: “You know women’s bodies change after childbirth right? When una no go pay attention in school, you don come IG come mess up now.”

Sunshine4mine reacted: “What happened when Regina gave birth to her first child, why didn’t the bumbum come out well then? Una sabi believe nons*nse for this app. Yes body changes after child birth for some people not everyone but you see this Gina own. Her doctor did a good job.”

Merceinaa added: “Hah na wah o, why all the women that have been giving birth since not have this kind of shape. This is liposuction body.”

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